Matar Capital Advisors Ltd., founded in 2003 by Mr. Michel Habib as a diversified venture boutique, is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a presence in Europe, Asia and the USA, providing corporate finance, strategic advisory, equity partnering and alternative asset management solutions to leading investors, shareholders and companies in various areas. Our activities embrace a wide range of sectors, with a particular focus on high technology, industry, retail, financial services and real estate.

Thanks to our extensive relationships cultivated across the years and our unique positioning and approach in the market, we are working hand in hand with leading private equity and venture capital funds, holding groups, financial institutions and corporate investors Internationally.

Our unique global network, combined with our experience and broad expertise in all aspects of corporate finance and investment strategy, offers international access with local capabilities to enable our partners and clients to achieve their financial and strategic goals, in an ever evolving global economy.

Matar Capital Advisors specializes in cross-border transactions, ranging from M&A, buyouts, divestments, private placements, IPOs and strategic moves. Always working with shareholders and executive managements as partners or gatekeepers, with a clear objective of implementing goals, and making them last.

Our core values are based on discretion, integrity, insight, efficiency, creativity, and above all dedication to achieving success for our clients. Our global presence enables local and international players to interact through us and achieve their business objectives, elegantly and efficiently.